5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors

5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors

A very popular choice when talking about floors, is the wooden one’s. We are gonna to presend you with the 5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors. Take your time to read this guide, especially if you are a guy that prefers the rustic and also the traditional style in decoration. But on case that you are a modern type, don’t get upset. Nowdays, wooden floors comes in countless options, in order to integrate harmoniously with our space.

Wood is a quite unique material. In the market you will find many alternatives and items. These will cover most of the tastes and also financial situations. We can find laminate, a form of a ready parquet by the look of the wood. Also a very solid floor from oak, meaning that we can find a variety in order to have always a solution that is the ideal for us. Before choosing, you should have in mind some parameters. These are the ones to judge the suitability of each choice, according to the needs of your space.

Thoughts you should have before choosing a wooden floor

The appearance will always plays a decisive role in choosing a wooden floor. But there are other factors that you should take into mind, when choosing the right one for your space. One of them is definitely the price, but it does not seems to be the most important. Let’s look at the basics:

  • The exposure of it to thesunlight
  • The percentage of humidity inside the space it located
  • Exposure of wood to cleaning products and chemicals
  • How frequently we maintain it
  • If the maintenance has an influence into it’s appearance
  • The case of moving wheeled furnitures where it’s located

The 5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors for your residence

We are making a basic separation of them according to the type that we are going to use, either it is soft or hard. In case it comes from broad-leaved trees, it belongs to hard one’s, while the soft comes from coniferous trees. Remember that this kind of separation is different from the durability factor, in other words, the maximum life of the wood. Some popular types of wood are shown below.

European Oak Wood Floor

One of the best choices we have is the wooden floor from oak. One of the beloved among wood lovers for many centuries. It has a high durability over the periods, but also offers a satisfactory stability. The oak floors standing out as they have a light brown color. One with intense water formed on their surface.

We are talking about a construction of unrivaled aesthetics, that can meet the most difficult technical requirements there are. We can find it in a wide range when talking about dimensions and qualities, something that allow everyone to choose the one that meets his needs. Here you have the opportunity to choose, meaning the color of your floor. This comes from the fact that you can always paint the oak wood in a color that you like. The price here depends on the quality and also, the type of your choice.

The choice of Iroquois

The Iroquois is one widespread species of tropical Greek wood. It is a choice of high strength and hardness, make it a perfect choice for external or internal use. It is also widely used in shipbuilding and for the construction of frames or even pergolas.

It’s shades change and this is something that depends from thetype and area of origin. We can start with an intense ash yellow. Also we find it available in brown-red shades. Remember to pay attention to the fact that as it is a photosensitive wood, it should change it’s color shade in a quick way, especially if we expose it to exterior sunlight.

Installing it in the bathroom or your kitchen, maybe with underfloor heating, is an excellent choice.

Walnuts wood flooring

If you want to make the presence of wood felt in the space, then the walnut is an ideal choice to achieve it. This is a very special and warm solution. The shades of walnut start from dark brown and reach up to light black. Over time and exposure to the sun, its color lightens so it is usually painted before being varnished.

It is the aesthetics of the walnut wood and the ease that it offers in processing terms, that places it among our favorite for the case of manufacturing furnitures and frames. We will notice that we don’t find it very often in flooriing, but this is not something happening for reasons that has to do with durability and quality. It has to do with it’s price, as it is a quite expensive option. In case you really want it, remember to check for potensial offers in the market that will make it affordable to you. You will love it for it’s image into any area.

Floors from Doussie wood

Doussie belongs to the woods of the tropical family. It is a quite special wood and also an interesting one for the case of wooden floor. It stands out for the rich shades of the ash-red color it has, that deepens even more in the case if it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

It has an extremely high stability as also mechanical strength, that places it between the best choices for the case we want to make a heavy construction. Except it’s use for flooring, it is also used for constructing frames. We will often find it placed on docks and ports.

Having a big duration in time, the decision of using it in a shower is a good choice. The heartwood has a quite long natural duration, while it is resistant to attacks from insect and fungal.


5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors

Maple wood floors

The maple is the right wood for small spaces and dark spaces as it has the ability to visually enlarge them. In fact, its light shade will allow allow the light to travel into the space and make it looks shine. It is also a hard wood that has moderate reaction talking about the contraction or the expansion of it. Ssomething that makes it to be non suitable for areas that has high humidity, as the bathroom of a residence or maybe the kitchen. Also it is unsuitable for installation with underfloor heating.

Hope we have make your mind with the basics that you need to know about hardwood flooring. Now it is your time to think about the different kinds out there, as your needs to. But in case you can’t decide the best for your situation, call for a professional flooring team, that will do it’s best. Try wood flooring and you will be amazed by the results.


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The ideal color for every room in our house

The ideal color for every room in our house

Many people out there have problems about finding out the ideal color for every room in our house. They simply can not decide about which color to put in their living room or kitchen. The good news is that we are going to help you so not to turn it into science! We will suggest the best three colors for painting each room of your house.

It makes sense to us that the decision for what color you want to decorate with the walls of your rooms is a very importantone. Every one needs to live in a residence that makes him feel good. After all, color often determines the overall tone and also, the decoration of any space. And it is certain that you would not want anyone to call your home boring, or even worse kits. If you don’t want to stress every time you see the color chart, read our post below.


The ideal color for your Living room


It is the top neutral color. The reason; It perfectly balances between coldness and warmth, thus giving prestige and chic air to any space. If you like neutral colors,then this is just the right for you. Also a classic choise, if you want to play with the color things in your home decoration.


White walls can give you the freedom to play with the different colors in your furniture, upholstery and also accessories. At the same time, they make every space look more stately and luxurious. You should say “yes” to white, if you are a fan of both classic and minimalist décor.


If you choose this color palette, it will be difficult for you – not only you but also your guests – to detach from the space of your living room. Chocolate coffee gives the space a feeling of warmth and sweetness while, at the same time, it does not lose in style and elegance. Even better: it matches almost all colors.


Kitchen and the ideal color

Light gray

Gray can have fifty shades at least (as we learn in the movie), but light gray offers the convenience and elegance of white without getting dirty just as easily. Prefer this color if your kitchen counters and cabinets have stone or colored details as it will highlight them even more.

Bright green

In addition to being super fashionable, the light shades of pastel green give your kitchen a retro air. At the same time, they are quite discreet. So, if you want the color of your kitchen to be modern and unique without showing off, all you have to do is choose it.


Ecru is a color that works just like light gray and gives more depth to your kitchen when compared to white. In addition, it can give the air of our spaces a type of freshness and relaxation, without losing a point of elegance!


The ideal color for your Dinning room


We are talking about a deep and special brown color that tends to be so warm, sweet and welcoming, that is going to make everyone of your guests feel at home! So you should not be afraid to choose it for your dining room, making your guests feel comfortable.

Blue Ruff

A color that balances between relaxation and luxury. Blue may be considered a cooler color, but this warmer shade will give a dramatic character to the space of your residence.


It is one of the most misunderstood colors of the one’s that we will see in the color palette. It may seem heavy and you may be afraid that it will visually monopolize the interest of your space. However, the impressive burgundy will give it a unique sense of luxury.



Beige-gray (taupe)

It is the ideal (and almost white) canvas for any bathroom since it is extremely discreet. It may seem marginally indifferent to you, but its combination with purple and white accessories and towels, always wins the impressions.

Midnight blue

We are talking about an unique and also special and stylish dark colo, that is going to give a sense of luxury to our bathroom. At the same time, it will make it look bigger as it enhances the sense of depth.


Fresh and playful in color palette, mint is one of the hottest colors to use in decoration. Prefer it not only if you look back to the good old days and you are a fan of vintage but also if you want to get away from the established.


The ideal color for every room in our house – Bedroom


Just like your favorite clothes, this is a color that will make you feel warm, comfortable and also beautiful. If you are a fan of the classic, then this color is the ideal choice for your bedroom and not only.

Ice White

Here we are talking about a color that is the epitome of elegance and, at the same time, it also has a relaxing and soothing effect. In addition, the ease with which it is combined with other colors is the main reason we recommend it with closed eyes.

Anthracite Blue

In general, anthracite tends to be a special color. However, its bluer tones tend to look more elegant and warm. The result; This color will turn your bedroom into an oasis of style, relaxation and comfort.

Reading our post above we believe to have manage to take some of your anxiety in your choice about the color palette of your home. Finding the ideal for every room of your residence is not an easy task, but also not of the one’s that can’t be done.

Think of your space and also the accessories that you have in every room and take the right desicion. If you are still not sure about the right one, reach for a pro. A professional painter will always find a way to provide you with every alternative, so you can be sure that you will have a house that after the painting task ends, will be adorable.


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6 Best wall paints for business spaces!

When we choose our career and what we will follow, we want to have the best conditions and to include the appropriate decoration in it is of paramount importance. I will show you the wall paints that are ideal for your profession according to the latest painting trends in the field.

From social professions to consulting and catering are some branches that we will see and learn what painting you need to choose to have a successful career, always according to the decoration of the space you have chosen.


Ideal wall paints according to the profession you have chosen!


1. Catering professions

In catering professions such as cafes and restaurants, the wall paint you choose usually has to do with the style of the store. In cafes they prefer wallpapers with a logo or design to emphasize a space, and move around dark and pale shades for a chic effect. In restaurants you can find the style of decoration that you will follow, but in the majority, the painting should be light and soft to make the customer feel calmer when ordering his food. Wood as a material, beige and sugar are shades and materials that are definitely a timeless choice for everyone.

2. Administrative professions

In the managerial professions, everything is not to choose many different wall paints, but to move with a few and well. Wood brown combined with white, beige and small notes of bright paints such as orange and red is perfect for such spaces where you want to show the prestige and modern mood.

3. Medical professions

In clinics, light shades are usually preferred that do not burden the patient’s climate and eye. If you are looking for a more modern decoration, choose light wenge furniture and combine it with white or gray decorations and wall paints. For a more classic decoration, beige and light blue are ideal for you.

4. Tourism professions

In a profession that has to do with a lot of people and tourism, a little wall paint for a happier style helps customers feel comfortable. Blue, petrol, light brown and wallpapers are ideal for you who want to create a comfortable and beautiful space.

5. Legal – Consulting professions

The law and consulting offices in Montclair are possessed by a more classic feel which in combination with the heavy furniture make the space look serious and special. Choose furniture in dark brown shades and dress them with modern decorations and books related to your work. The wall paints should be here as well, such as beige, gray, sugar, white, ocher.

6. Retail stores

In retail stores we want the items for sale to “talk” to us and not be lost in a plethora of wall paints and decorations. Choose the style of the store and choose one or two soft colors to paint it. Make sure that the lighting and the furniture shelves highlight your product and you are ready to “tear” the market.

When looking for the colors you will choose for your wall paints in the office or store, always take into account what you want to offer to your customers and what decoration you want the space to have. You do not need to exaggerate to have a modern and flawless workplace.


Ask Gikas Painting Services for a free estimate

Call us for a free estimate at your place. After studying your space and needs, we will give you our offer, describing in detail all the work that will be carried out. We serve Montclair and the surrounding New Jersey areas.

Our concern is for the client to get something more than he expected through consistency, courtesy, respect for himself but also for the work he has assigned us. This will be achieved with the quality of work that we provide, but also with the quality of the materials that we trust and use from the largest companies, for the creation and renewal of its spaces.


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How to choose colors in painting the house?

Colors in painting the house not only determine the painting style and aesthetics of the space, but also intervene even more dynamically in the human senses. Before you start painting your house, it is good to know how the basic colors affect the space.

Depending on the main color they contain, they are divided into two major categories: Warm colors, whose main ingredient is red and cold colors, which move around the palette of blue.

Warm painting colors stimulate the senses, while cool colors give the feeling of peace.

Although the choice of color tone is a personal matter, nevertheless the advice of a professional is necessary. You may like a shade, but this does not mean that it is necessarily suitable for your space, since before the final decision you will have to take into account many parameters. For example, natural space lighting in New Jersey can make the same color give a different effect in a bright room and a completely different one in a dark one.

A small and poorly lit interior will stand out with the right combination of light tones making it look even bigger, while on the contrary a bad assessment could make the same space look melancholy and unpleasant.

The earth tones on the walls of the rooms create a sense of intimacy, while the application of a style can radically change the style and aesthetics, magnetizing the eye.

How do I combine colors in different painting styles?

Choosing colors for a home is not always an easy task. The palette of colors and painting shades that will ideally highlight your space needs study and inclusion of many parameters. The natural and artificial lighting, the furniture, the layout of the spaces must be combined with the style you want to give but also your personal taste.

Exterior painting

Emphasize architectural details. Columns, windows or decorative frames will stand out more if you use a darker color and can make a difference.

Pipes, gutters, chimneys should be painted in the color of the walls to better integrate into the aesthetics of the building and not look like foreign bodies.

Think… ecologically! Light colors are more reflective in sunlight and keep the house cooler during the summer months.

Do not be fooled into exaggerating: Up to three shades for the exterior of your home are in most cases enough.

Interior Painting

Before making any decision, try to think about the overall picture of the space: The colors of the furniture, the curtains and the style of the lamps in the room. Structural elements such as beams and columns that may seem out of place, can become part of the interior decoration if they stand out with the right colors.

Light colors make the room look bigger and are preferred for large surfaces. With dark shades you can emphasize and highlight the details you want. But if you use a dark color as a base, then there is a risk that your space will look hazy and melancholic.

Experiment if you want with fashion trends. But do not rely solely on them because fashion changes and then maybe your space seems outdated. Rely on consistent values ​​and paint the details with a fashionable color so you can easily change it whenever you want.

Handle color contrasts moderately. Similar tones in a space create a feeling of “continuity” and grow grow perception. Contrasting colors in a room give the feeling of liveliness, but they should be used in moderation because there is a risk of exaggeration.

Neutral colors create a feeling of security and peace, but let the eye pass indifferently through the space. A style can radically change the image of a room and turn any ordinary space into a spotlight.

5 Popular Gikas Painting Styles

Styles are special painting techniques that are applied indoors. They require specialized knowledge and special application tools to have the best possible result. The most common styles are the following:

1. Pressed cement

Pressed cement mortar finds ideal application in floors, bathrooms and stairs. Thanks to its elasticity, it remains unchanged over time, while impurities with paints and varnishes make it a powerful weapon in any decoration.

2. Base-relief wall

With special rollers and coatings that contain marble, stone, etc., we can give the wall an impressive relief effect.

3. Imitation wood

To give the wall the impression of a wooden surface, we use special combs that create streaks and roses.

4. Imitation of marble

The style that gives the image and texture of marble is one of the most impressive. It is created with a suitable combination of colors and polishing of the surface when they dry.

5. Stencil

The stencil is mainly used in children’s rooms to give repetitive patterns and borders.

Effect with sponge

It is one of the easiest styles. We pass the wall with the first coat of paint and after it dries, we dip a damp sponge in a darker shade and we pass the wall.

Painting styles dramatically transform any interior. Where can you apply them?


The fireplace catches the eye in every house. A style will make the chimney even more impressive decorative element for your living room. Whether the fireplace is energy efficient or traditional, there are dozens of styles to choose from. In the “pluses” take into account that the style gets dirty more difficult and is much easier to clean than the simple plastic paint.

House entrance

Steal the impressions from the first moment with style at the entrance.

Internal staircase

The internal staircase in the maisonettes “suffers” from dirt and scratches. A style will create impressive aesthetic results and will surprise you with the ease of cleaning.

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5 tricks to paint your house yourself

No matter how much trouble the painting services seem to most people, no one can deny the fact that it transforms a space into lightning time. You can hire a professional workshop that will paint your house, or you can economically do it yourself.

All you need – in addition to the basic tools – is creativity, patience, and some useful tips. That’s why we present you 5 tricks that will help you carry out the painting services process faster.

1. Clean the walls

A successful painting job starts with the proper preparation of the surface to be painted. So, apply the surface you want to paint with a dry cleaning cloth. This way, you will be able to remove dust from your walls effectively without any extra effort.

2. Roll

Dip the rolling pin into the special sloping container with gentle movements. So that it “gets” enough paint so that it does not drip and is covered evenly.

3. Take the test

To choose the right shade with confidence, all you have to do is paint a small area of ​​your wall. Leave it for 2-3 days to see how it looks at different times of the day, always observing it in relation to the furniture and the lighting of your space.

4. Do not follow the straight line

Start painting services by making W-shaped movements and apply the paint to the wall so that most of it is gone. Then, with movements from top to bottom, fill in the inner points of the W. In this way the roll leaves more color.

House painting services: Are you thinking of painting your home and are you looking for a company that will guide you? Find out about the benefits of painting as well as all Gikas painting services in Montclair on our website.

5. Do not forget the lip balm

Apply lip balm to the handles, hinges and window frame, knobs as well as sockets and switches on the surface on which you intend to change color. This way, you will be able to clean them very easily in case they get dirty with paint.


Tips before you start painting services

  • Intense colors on small walls or columns: Intense colors can be striking and you like them, but in some cases you have to resist and keep the intense away. According to studies, bright colors on large walls tire the eyes and make the space smaller.
  • The true color of the wall is visible only in natural light: If you choose bright colors and your space is very bright, the colors will look even more intense. In general, the very intense wall color will bother you, instead of beautifying the space.
  • The harmony of colors in all the rooms of the house: If you want to have a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the house, you should pay special attention to the painting services of all the rooms. A relative uniformity in the colors you will paint the walls will create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Use a visualizer: Technology provides a solution even for painting services. Use an app that lets you photograph the area you want to paint. So you can experiment with the colors on the walls. These applications offer solutions for painting services both externally and internally.

Works that include exterior painting services:

  • Facade restoration
  • Exterior wall repair
  • Balcony repair
  • Masonry reinforcement
  • Sealing cracks
  • Exterior wall painting services

Works that include interior painting services:

  • Sanding the walls
  • Wall cleaning
  • Sanding the surface
  • Crossing with Primer
  • Application of Colors

1. Plastic paints – wall painting services

They are applied to walls that do not require plastering. That is, walls that are either already falling like the plasterboard wall or walls that do not want stucco such as the exterior surfaces of a house or building in general.

The process:

  • Rubbing all surfaces (plasters)
  • Priming with acrylic primer.
  • 1st hand painting with plastic paint.
  • Fine plastering where required.
  • Rubbing the surfaces.
  • Painting 2 extra coats of plastic paint.

2. Acrylic paints – spatula paints in visible concrete

Acrylic paints are usually applied to walls, concrete ceilings, pens and elsewhere smoothing of concrete surfaces is required.

The process:

  • Rubbing all surfaces with a whirlpool
  • Priming with acrylic primer.
  • Spatula 2 or 3 hands where needed.
  • Rubbing all trowel surfaces.
  • Priming with primer.
  • 1st hand painting with acrylic paint.
  • Fine plastering where required.
  • Rubbing the surfaces.
  • Painting 2 extra coats of acrylic paint.

3. Wall acrylics

Acrylic paints are suitable for outdoor use. They are diluted with water but when dry they have high water resistance.

  • Rubbing all surfaces (plasters)
  • Priming with primer.
  • 1st hand painting with acrylic paint.
  • Fine plastering where required.
  • Rubbing the surfaces.
  • Painting 2 coats of acrylic paint.

4. Oil painting services on railings – elevator doors – iron doors

Metal surfaces are smoothed, treated to prevent rust and painted in order to become colored, smooth and protected from moisture.

The process:

  • Sanding and cleaning the surfaces from grit.
  • Painting 2 coats mini.
  • Painting 2 hands color.

5. Oil painting services on wooden doors and MDF doors

As a rule, they require great persistence and multiple configurations to have smooth surfaces that reflect light and have nice angles.

The process:

  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Priming with metal primer.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Stucco with acrylic putty.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Stucco with acrylic putty.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Crossing with velatura.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Painting 3 coats of paint.

At Gikas Painting we offer some of the most desired interior and exterior painting services in the industry of Montclair NJ.

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When l bought my home back in early eighties everybody used to make fun of us for living in this ugly pumpkin house .You should see the expression in the face of our guests pulling in our driveway.I am sure our daughters were bearing the most  of the load for that  color failure.
Dad, we don’t feel comfortable to live in this ugly home anymore, they told me one day.

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