A very popular choice when talking about floors, is the wooden one’s. We are gonna to presend you with the 5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors. Take your time to read this guide, especially if you are a guy that prefers the rustic and also the traditional style in decoration. But on case that you are a modern type, don’t get upset. Nowdays, wooden floors comes in countless options, in order to integrate harmoniously with our space.

Wood is a quite unique material. In the market you will find many alternatives and items. These will cover most of the tastes and also financial situations. We can find laminate, a form of a ready parquet by the look of the wood. Also a very solid floor from oak, meaning that we can find a variety in order to have always a solution that is the ideal for us. Before choosing, you should have in mind some parameters. These are the ones to judge the suitability of each choice, according to the needs of your space.

Thoughts you should have before choosing a wooden floor

The appearance will always plays a decisive role in choosing a wooden floor. But there are other factors that you should take into mind, when choosing the right one for your space. One of them is definitely the price, but it does not seems to be the most important. Let’s look at the basics:

  • The exposure of it to thesunlight
  • The percentage of humidity inside the space it located
  • Exposure of wood to cleaning products and chemicals
  • How frequently we maintain it
  • If the maintenance has an influence into it’s appearance
  • The case of moving wheeled furnitures where it’s located

The 5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors for your residence

We are making a basic separation of them according to the type that we are going to use, either it is soft or hard. In case it comes from broad-leaved trees, it belongs to hard one’s, while the soft comes from coniferous trees. Remember that this kind of separation is different from the durability factor, in other words, the maximum life of the wood. Some popular types of wood are shown below.

European Oak Wood Floor

One of the best choices we have is the wooden floor from oak. One of the beloved among wood lovers for many centuries. It has a high durability over the periods, but also offers a satisfactory stability. The oak floors standing out as they have a light brown color. One with intense water formed on their surface.

We are talking about a construction of unrivaled aesthetics, that can meet the most difficult technical requirements there are. We can find it in a wide range when talking about dimensions and qualities, something that allow everyone to choose the one that meets his needs. Here you have the opportunity to choose, meaning the color of your floor. This comes from the fact that you can always paint the oak wood in a color that you like. The price here depends on the quality and also, the type of your choice.

The choice of Iroquois

The Iroquois is one widespread species of tropical Greek wood. It is a choice of high strength and hardness, make it a perfect choice for external or internal use. It is also widely used in shipbuilding and for the construction of frames or even pergolas.

It’s shades change and this is something that depends from thetype and area of origin. We can start with an intense ash yellow. Also we find it available in brown-red shades. Remember to pay attention to the fact that as it is a photosensitive wood, it should change it’s color shade in a quick way, especially if we expose it to exterior sunlight.

Installing it in the bathroom or your kitchen, maybe with underfloor heating, is an excellent choice.

Walnuts wood flooring

If you want to make the presence of wood felt in the space, then the walnut is an ideal choice to achieve it. This is a very special and warm solution. The shades of walnut start from dark brown and reach up to light black. Over time and exposure to the sun, its color lightens so it is usually painted before being varnished.

It is the aesthetics of the walnut wood and the ease that it offers in processing terms, that places it among our favorite for the case of manufacturing furnitures and frames. We will notice that we don’t find it very often in flooriing, but this is not something happening for reasons that has to do with durability and quality. It has to do with it’s price, as it is a quite expensive option. In case you really want it, remember to check for potensial offers in the market that will make it affordable to you. You will love it for it’s image into any area.

Floors from Doussie wood

Doussie belongs to the woods of the tropical family. It is a quite special wood and also an interesting one for the case of wooden floor. It stands out for the rich shades of the ash-red color it has, that deepens even more in the case if it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

It has an extremely high stability as also mechanical strength, that places it between the best choices for the case we want to make a heavy construction. Except it’s use for flooring, it is also used for constructing frames. We will often find it placed on docks and ports.

Having a big duration in time, the decision of using it in a shower is a good choice. The heartwood has a quite long natural duration, while it is resistant to attacks from insect and fungal.


5 Popular Types of Wooden Floors

Maple wood floors

The maple is the right wood for small spaces and dark spaces as it has the ability to visually enlarge them. In fact, its light shade will allow allow the light to travel into the space and make it looks shine. It is also a hard wood that has moderate reaction talking about the contraction or the expansion of it. Ssomething that makes it to be non suitable for areas that has high humidity, as the bathroom of a residence or maybe the kitchen. Also it is unsuitable for installation with underfloor heating.

Hope we have make your mind with the basics that you need to know about hardwood flooring. Now it is your time to think about the different kinds out there, as your needs to. But in case you can’t decide the best for your situation, call for a professional flooring team, that will do it’s best. Try wood flooring and you will be amazed by the results.


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