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11 Exterior Painting Colors That Will Help You Sell Your Home

When it comes time to market your property, maximizing exposure is vital. We, Gikas reveal the exterior painting house colors that are most likely to win over prospective buyers.

Shape the exterior according to the latest 2023 painting trends to sell it easily!

Just like the shades you choose for the interior, the colors of the exterior painting of the house should be the ones that put a smile on your face day after day. That being said, if you are planning to put your home on the market in the near future, the wise course is to consider which exterior painting colors will attract the most buyers.

Neutral and traditional colors are a good bet if you’re going to paint the exterior of your home to prepare it for sale. You want a look that’s warm and inviting. Unique colors can turn some potential buyers away. If you’re painting for resale, consider these 11 exterior painting colors with undeniable curb appeal.

1. Off-white exterior painting color

The color you paint the exterior of your home can make or break people’s perception of your home. Smoky White or off-white looks stunning in this farmhouse-style home, but would look just as classic in a Colonial.

2. Yellow exterior painting color

exterior painting color

Yellow in a home says ‘happy’ right away. To attract the most potential buyers, use a pale shade, such as Corn Stalk, paired with Cottage White on the roof peaks.

3. Light blue exterior painting color

exterior painting color

Whether your home is on the shores of America’s coastline or a cozy suburban in New Jersey, fresh color combinations like light blue and deep aqua can enhance architectural elements. That exterior painting color provides a calm backdrop for shutters and doors in bright blue metallic.

4. Taupe exterior painting color

exterior painting color

In keeping with the natural trend, taupe is one of the homeowners’ most popular choices among neutral exterior painting colors. Sticking with classic neutrals is a good way to play it safe when planning to list your home for sale which looks stunning with dark shutters.

5. Putty exterior painting color

exterior painting color

We’re seeing a lot of putty, warm corks and grays—in home exterior painting colors that blend in with the natural environment. Inspiration can come from stone used in the foundation of the house or in the walls and corridors of the property.

6. Blue Gray exterior painting color

exterior painting color

Deep blue-grays have a nautical, serene feel, especially on seaside cottages. It’s also a good complement to the white finish.

7. Wheat exterior painting color

Not quite white and almost yellow, this buttery in-between feels both warm and clean. Wheat painting color pairs beautifully with both dark browns and gray-blues for accents and will positively shine next to the green of a manicured lawn.

8. Green exterior painting color

exterior painting color

A neutral shade that’s a cross between green and gray, never disappoints. This intermediate green does not fade with grass and makes a wonderful contrast with either dark gray and black shutters or white and cream shutters.

9. White exterior painting color

exterior painting color

A white clapboard farmhouse is an American icon with timeless appeal. Cloud White is not stark white, but has creamy yellow undertones that would complement any style of home in Montclair NJ.

10. Coffee exterior painting color

exterior painting color

Like the best exterior paints, coffee color makes a statement: This house isn’t going anywhere. Inspired by nature yet thoroughly modern, this shade is a stunning complement to both stone veneers and metallic tones.

11. Red exterior painting color

The cheerful red of any house is both traditional and fresh. Unlike some of the more subdued shades, red pops against any background, whether your house is nestled in trees or a clean landscape outlined only by the wide sky.

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