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5 tricks to paint your house yourself

No matter how much trouble the painting services seem to most people, no one can deny the fact that it transforms a space into lightning time. You can hire a professional workshop that will paint your house, or you can economically do it yourself.

All you need – in addition to the basic tools – is creativity, patience, and some useful tips. That’s why we present you 5 tricks that will help you carry out the painting services process faster.

1. Clean the walls

A successful painting job starts with the proper preparation of the surface to be painted. So, apply the surface you want to paint with a dry cleaning cloth. This way, you will be able to remove dust from your walls effectively without any extra effort.

2. Roll

Dip the rolling pin into the special sloping container with gentle movements. So that it “gets” enough paint so that it does not drip and is covered evenly.

3. Take the test

To choose the right shade with confidence, all you have to do is paint a small area of ​​your wall. Leave it for 2-3 days to see how it looks at different times of the day, always observing it in relation to the furniture and the lighting of your space.

4. Do not follow the straight line

Start painting services by making W-shaped movements and apply the paint to the wall so that most of it is gone. Then, with movements from top to bottom, fill in the inner points of the W. In this way the roll leaves more color.

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5. Do not forget the lip balm

Apply lip balm to the handles, hinges and window frame, knobs as well as sockets and switches on the surface on which you intend to change color. This way, you will be able to clean them very easily in case they get dirty with paint.


Tips before you start painting services

  • Intense colors on small walls or columns: Intense colors can be striking and you like them, but in some cases you have to resist and keep the intense away. According to studies, bright colors on large walls tire the eyes and make the space smaller.
  • The true color of the wall is visible only in natural light: If you choose bright colors and your space is very bright, the colors will look even more intense. In general, the very intense wall color will bother you, instead of beautifying the space.
  • The harmony of colors in all the rooms of the house: If you want to have a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the house, you should pay special attention to the painting services of all the rooms. A relative uniformity in the colors you will paint the walls will create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Use a visualizer: Technology provides a solution even for painting services. Use an app that lets you photograph the area you want to paint. So you can experiment with the colors on the walls. These applications offer solutions for painting services both externally and internally.

Works that include exterior painting services:

  • Facade restoration
  • Exterior wall repair
  • Balcony repair
  • Masonry reinforcement
  • Sealing cracks
  • Exterior wall painting services

Works that include interior painting services:

  • Sanding the walls
  • Wall cleaning
  • Sanding the surface
  • Crossing with Primer
  • Application of Colors

1. Plastic paints – wall painting services

They are applied to walls that do not require plastering. That is, walls that are either already falling like the plasterboard wall or walls that do not want stucco such as the exterior surfaces of a house or building in general.

The process:

  • Rubbing all surfaces (plasters)
  • Priming with acrylic primer.
  • 1st hand painting with plastic paint.
  • Fine plastering where required.
  • Rubbing the surfaces.
  • Painting 2 extra coats of plastic paint.

2. Acrylic paints – spatula paints in visible concrete

Acrylic paints are usually applied to walls, concrete ceilings, pens and elsewhere smoothing of concrete surfaces is required.

The process:

  • Rubbing all surfaces with a whirlpool
  • Priming with acrylic primer.
  • Spatula 2 or 3 hands where needed.
  • Rubbing all trowel surfaces.
  • Priming with primer.
  • 1st hand painting with acrylic paint.
  • Fine plastering where required.
  • Rubbing the surfaces.
  • Painting 2 extra coats of acrylic paint.

3. Wall acrylics

Acrylic paints are suitable for outdoor use. They are diluted with water but when dry they have high water resistance.

  • Rubbing all surfaces (plasters)
  • Priming with primer.
  • 1st hand painting with acrylic paint.
  • Fine plastering where required.
  • Rubbing the surfaces.
  • Painting 2 coats of acrylic paint.

4. Oil painting services on railings – elevator doors – iron doors

Metal surfaces are smoothed, treated to prevent rust and painted in order to become colored, smooth and protected from moisture.

The process:

  • Sanding and cleaning the surfaces from grit.
  • Painting 2 coats mini.
  • Painting 2 hands color.

5. Oil painting services on wooden doors and MDF doors

As a rule, they require great persistence and multiple configurations to have smooth surfaces that reflect light and have nice angles.

The process:

  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Priming with metal primer.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Stucco with acrylic putty.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Stucco with acrylic putty.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Crossing with velatura.
  • Rubbing the doors.
  • Painting 3 coats of paint.

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