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Ombre Painting – The new technique that revolutionizes wall painting

An ombre painting is perfect for home decor, especially for updating your space on a budget.

But what is the Ombre painting technique, how is it related to the decoration of the walls of our house and why are we talking about an Ombre wall?

The ombre painting technique is the mixing of one color shade with another and the gradual transition from one color to another. This is usually achieved by moving the shades of a color from light to dark and correspondingly if different colors are combined from one to another. In this way an Ombre wall is achieved.

It has become a popular feature for hair coloring, nail art, and graphic design using Gradient tools. But now such a technique is perfect for home decoration, especially for updating your space on a budget!

Let’s take a closer look at such walls and some ways to incorporate them into interiors.

Where to use Ombre painting?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, just picture a sample color palette of paints from your local paint store and there you have it!

Rather than just being a collection of vibrant stripes, the ombre painting design creates a color gradient that progresses from lightest to darkest. Ombre is almost a new trend.

In the past two years, it has been steadily gaining popularity. It started with ombre hair and now a range of ombre items such as cakes and home decor.

Want to try the ombre trend? There’s still plenty of time to enjoy this trend in all its glory! Today we explore some of the most popular areas of ombre design, from furniture and textiles to walls and other artistic aspects.

ombre painting

Ombre painting is not classic but on the contrary it is very modern for decoration today, as such a wall is very stylish in any room. Try it in a bedroom or a bathroom wall. An ombre painting creates an effect as if the top of the wall is lost in the air, so romantic, so dreamy!

This is a smart way to add some color to your home interior. Be flexible by using all shades of your favorite color.

Consider trying sloping walls, where one color flows slightly into another, without white parts, this is another bold idea that will add even more color or colors to your space.

Try Ombre painting in the bedroom

ombre painting

A bedroom with a gradient blue to coral wall, mismatched bedside tables, potted plants and a pendant lamp is an ideal picture for any child.

You can also try with shades from mint to coral, a Scandinavian chest of drawers, a dark bed with neutral bedding. Make your personalized match and create the ideal bedroom!

Try Ombre painting in the house entry

ombre painting

A bold and unique entryway with ombre blue walls, a bold geo-stenciled floor and a small nook with a daybed can create a unique welcoming atmosphere.

Try Ombre painting in the bathroom

ombre painting

A bold bathroom with a blue-to-green Ombre painting and a mint-toned bathtub that matches the space is a Must in 2023.

There are different techniques for creating an Ombre wall, but they all rely on the same basic principle. The relatively smooth transition from one color to another. As you will notice in Gikas projects, no particular detail and precision is needed when “mixing” the colors.

Get ideas for the internet, pinterest and social media in general to create the ombre painting that suits your space better.

Keep in mind that the ombre painting technique can also be implemented in furniture with the corresponding suitable colors for the surface of your wood.

Don’t know where to start from? Ask Gikas Painting for a quote!

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