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If you need Gikas Painting Services for your property, ask the professionals West Caldwell Painters in New Jersey! Call us at +1 973-835-7775 to make a free estimate at your place. Gikas painting services are available for all the areas of New Jersey. Fill the contact form and send us your questions.

We, West Caldwell Painters provide apart from painting services, interior and exterior Victorian restoration, carpentry, flooring and roofing services as well. At Gikas painting we offer some of the most desired interior and exterior painting services in New Jersey. We have been painting and restoring older homes in Montclair and surrounding New Jersey towns since the early 1980’s.

Choosing colors for home or commercial building is not always an easy task. The palette of colors and shades that will ideally highlight your space needs study and inclusion of many parameters. The natural and artificial lighting, the furniture, the layout of the spaces must be combined with the painting style you want to give but also your personal taste.


West Caldwell exterior painting

West Caldwell Painters emphasize architectural details in exterior painting. Columns, windows or decorative frames will stand out more if you use a darker color and can make a difference. Pipes, gutters, chimneys should be painted in the color of the walls to better integrate into the aesthetics of the building and not look like foreign bodies.

Think ecologically say West Caldwell Painters! Light colors are more reflective in sunlight and keep the house cooler during the summer months. Do not be fooled into exaggerating: Up to three shades for the exterior of your home are in most cases enough.


West Caldwell interior painting

Before making any decision, try to think about the overall picture of the space or ask West Caldwell Painters for a professional word. The colors of the furniture, the curtains and the style of the lamps in the room are of major importance in interior painting. Structural elements such as beams and columns that may seem out of place, can become part of the decoration if they stand out with the right colors.

Light colors make the room look bigger and are preferred for large surfaces. With dark shades you can emphasize and highlight the details you want. But if you use a dark color as a base, then there is a risk that your space will look hazy and melancholy.

Experiment if you want with fashion trends. But do not rely solely on them because fashion changes and then maybe your space seems outdated. Rely on consistent values ​​and paint the details with a fashionable color so you can easily change it whenever you want.

Handle color contrasts moderately. Similar tones in a space create a feeling of “continuity” and grow perception. Contrasting colors in a room give the feeling of liveliness, but they should be used in moderation because there is a risk of exaggeration.

Neutral colors create a feeling of security and peace, but let the eye pass indifferently through the space. A style can radically change the image of a room and turn any ordinary space into a spotlight. Call West Caldwell Painters for a free estimate!


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