Gikas painting glossary

Painting Glossary

Gikas painting services aims to offer you a series of quick and easy projects and teach you the painting glossary so that you have a good result when painting your home or business. The walls of your home or office are the surfaces that surround you and you have them in front of you most hours of the day. A good, visual result will improve your space and give quality to your daily life in Montclair New Jersey.

Glossary of painting

  • oil paint: paint prepared from a pigment mixed with a special oil. Paint with oil paint.
  • oil painting: painting with oil paint.
  • oil painter: painter specializing in oil painting.
  • shade: basic color variation.
  • painting: the painting of objects either by immersing them in a dye solution or by covering their surface with pigments.
  • paint: the pigment, solid or liquid, with which something is painted. Paint a surface especially with liquid paint – the wall.
  • painting: the energy of painting – painting the wall.
  • coloring: the result of coloring – paint with color

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