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North Caldwell Painters

Do you want to paint your house or just a room, the exterior or the interior of your new store? Do you want to find a good and economic North Caldwell Painter near you in New Jersey? Choose Gikas Painting Services!

North Caldwell Painters provide apart from painting services, interior and exterior Victorian restoration, carpentry, flooring and roofing services as well. At Gikas Painting we offer some of the most desired interior and exterior painting services in New Jersey. We have been painting and restoring older homes in Montclair and surrounding New Jersey towns since the early 1980’s.

Selecting the right colors for home or commercial building painting is not an easy task. Consult Gikas color palettes and shades that will ideally highlight your space and let our painters study any parameters needed. The natural and artificial lighting, the furniture, the layout of the spaces must be combined with the painting style you want to give but also your personal taste.


What painting services do North Caldwell Painters undertake?

  • Interior painting in North Caldwell
  • Exterior painting in North Caldwell
  • Painting preparation in North Caldwell
  • Wooden surfaces in North Caldwell
  • Metal surfaces in North Caldwell
  • Wood and stone protection
  • Special painting applications


Home renovation through painting

Tired of your home but unable to buy a new one? A radical renovation of the premises through interior painting and a renewal in the decoration of the rooms can really work wonders. We consulted the opinion of North Painters experts and we are preparing to give our home a new breath. At a time when buying a new home is not an easy task, painting renovation seems to be the ideal solution to give our home a new lease of life and make it look new at a much lower cost.

For this reason we asked Gikas Painting architects who specialize in home painting services and renovations, to explain how a homeowner could renovate his house, what alternatives do they have and how much it will cost to study and supervise a complete and thorough painting renovation:

There are many times when you take a look at the space you live in and you want to give a touch of renewal for functional or aesthetic reasons. But it is very possible that your desires are locked in the back of the mind, not knowing the process you have to follow and thinking about all the fuss and running that is needed, to apply in your own home what you so easily look at in the relevant magazines that you are leafing through.

First of all, asking for a free estimate is the right beginning for a painting renovation of a space. In addition to valuable ideas, an architect or decorator can help you in your decisions for your new home and suggest the right, quality and economical painting materials.

Renovating a home may involve changing the space within the same home by painting some walls, changing the shades in length, width, height, but it may still be the painting renovation of the same space with small practical changes.


Exterior painting renovation by North Caldwell Painters

It is better for you to know from the beginning what painting work will be done to the exterior, how much it will cost and how long it will take, in order to be in control of the situation. North Caldwell Painters undertake the exterior painting of houses, business buildings, buildings and Victorian homes.

Exterior wall paint often wears out quickly and shows cracks, swelling and peeling. Most people think that this is due to the weather, the exposure of the walls to the sun and the humidity. But the main cause of damage is the ill-considered and rough painting of the walls of the building. The superficial treatment of the painting by North Caldwell Painters is what leads us to the decision to paint the exterior walls once again.


Ask for a free estimate from Gikas Painting Services

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities your home has. We look forward to hearing from you and arrange a free estimate.


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