It all starts with the quality of preparation we give to every project – the GIKAS difference. The first step is the sanding process. Whether it is moderate sanding or sanding to bare wood, this operation is crucial to providing a good foundation for any new paint. With over 30 years of experience, GIKAS Painting knows when wood is ready to receive the first coat of primer.

We frequently get asked if all paint is the same.  The answer is NO. We only use premium quality paints by either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.  They are NEVER commercial grade (cheaper quality), nor do we water down the paint with thinner – a process other painters use to keep costs down. By using the full strength of these first grade paints, along with the way we apply them to the wood, ensures that every completed project is ready to carry a warranty – no problem.

Summer is the perfect time for all your painting needs – give us a call for a free estimate, and let us show you the  GIKAS difference!

Trust Gikas Painting & Contracting for Exterior & Interior Painting!

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