Here is his story;

When l bought my home back in early eighties everybody used to make fun of us for living in this ugly pumpkin house .You should see the expression in the face of our guests pulling in our driveway.I am sure our daughters were bearing the most  of the load for that  color failure.
Dad, we don’t feel comfortable to live in this ugly home anymore, they told me one day.

I know l had to do something.
First thing l thought was to call an exterior painting company.I knew painting the house was gonna be the easiest and most economical process.
George came by my house and gave me some excellent ideas how to restore the exterior and upgrade the color scheme of our home to bring her to the looks of the Victorian painted Ladies.
In the beginning my wife and l thought that choosing colors was going to be a very easy and fun process;however we witnessed that it was fun indeed but it comes with a lot of sweat, endless arguments and numerous trips to the paint store(we were using Ricciardi Brothers from Bloomfield NJ who are a distributor of Benjamin Moore products).
What we found out about Gikas was that they possess the ability to put the colors in the right place and create the balance of colors and their shades  to highlight different exterior components bringing as a result a great harmony between the architectural elements shaping thus a refreshing and attractive curb appeal which is so imperative for the value of the house and the neighboring properties in the current housing market.
We ended up with a very attractive 10 color combination and our house definitely makes the list of prominent victorian homes for the great area of Montclair,NJ.
Our daughters are so happy with the new look of our house and l can’t thank Gikas enough for the valuable help that we got. When l sit in my porch l always hear or see cars slowing down and sometimes people come out of their cars to take pictures of our home.
Source: Gikas Painting & Contracting

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