The ideal color for every room in our house

The ideal color for every room in our house

Many people out there have problems about finding out the ideal color for every room in our house. They simply can not decide about which color to put in their living room or kitchen. The good news is that we are going to help you so not to turn it into science! We will suggest the best three colors for painting each room of your house.

It makes sense to us that the decision for what color you want to decorate with the walls of your rooms is a very importantone. Every one needs to live in a residence that makes him feel good. After all, color often determines the overall tone and also, the decoration of any space. And it is certain that you would not want anyone to call your home boring, or even worse kits. If you don’t want to stress every time you see the color chart, read our post below.


The ideal color for your Living room


It is the top neutral color. The reason; It perfectly balances between coldness and warmth, thus giving prestige and chic air to any space. If you like neutral colors,then this is just the right for you. Also a classic choise, if you want to play with the color things in your home decoration.


White walls can give you the freedom to play with the different colors in your furniture, upholstery and also accessories. At the same time, they make every space look more stately and luxurious. You should say “yes” to white, if you are a fan of both classic and minimalist décor.


If you choose this color palette, it will be difficult for you – not only you but also your guests – to detach from the space of your living room. Chocolate coffee gives the space a feeling of warmth and sweetness while, at the same time, it does not lose in style and elegance. Even better: it matches almost all colors.


Kitchen and the ideal color

Light gray

Gray can have fifty shades at least (as we learn in the movie), but light gray offers the convenience and elegance of white without getting dirty just as easily. Prefer this color if your kitchen counters and cabinets have stone or colored details as it will highlight them even more.

Bright green

In addition to being super fashionable, the light shades of pastel green give your kitchen a retro air. At the same time, they are quite discreet. So, if you want the color of your kitchen to be modern and unique without showing off, all you have to do is choose it.


Ecru is a color that works just like light gray and gives more depth to your kitchen when compared to white. In addition, it can give the air of our spaces a type of freshness and relaxation, without losing a point of elegance!


The ideal color for your Dinning room


We are talking about a deep and special brown color that tends to be so warm, sweet and welcoming, that is going to make everyone of your guests feel at home! So you should not be afraid to choose it for your dining room, making your guests feel comfortable.

Blue Ruff

A color that balances between relaxation and luxury. Blue may be considered a cooler color, but this warmer shade will give a dramatic character to the space of your residence.


It is one of the most misunderstood colors of the one’s that we will see in the color palette. It may seem heavy and you may be afraid that it will visually monopolize the interest of your space. However, the impressive burgundy will give it a unique sense of luxury.



Beige-gray (taupe)

It is the ideal (and almost white) canvas for any bathroom since it is extremely discreet. It may seem marginally indifferent to you, but its combination with purple and white accessories and towels, always wins the impressions.

Midnight blue

We are talking about an unique and also special and stylish dark colo, that is going to give a sense of luxury to our bathroom. At the same time, it will make it look bigger as it enhances the sense of depth.


Fresh and playful in color palette, mint is one of the hottest colors to use in decoration. Prefer it not only if you look back to the good old days and you are a fan of vintage but also if you want to get away from the established.


The ideal color for every room in our house – Bedroom


Just like your favorite clothes, this is a color that will make you feel warm, comfortable and also beautiful. If you are a fan of the classic, then this color is the ideal choice for your bedroom and not only.

Ice White

Here we are talking about a color that is the epitome of elegance and, at the same time, it also has a relaxing and soothing effect. In addition, the ease with which it is combined with other colors is the main reason we recommend it with closed eyes.

Anthracite Blue

In general, anthracite tends to be a special color. However, its bluer tones tend to look more elegant and warm. The result; This color will turn your bedroom into an oasis of style, relaxation and comfort.

Reading our post above we believe to have manage to take some of your anxiety in your choice about the color palette of your home. Finding the ideal for every room of your residence is not an easy task, but also not of the one’s that can’t be done.

Think of your space and also the accessories that you have in every room and take the right desicion. If you are still not sure about the right one, reach for a pro. A professional painter will always find a way to provide you with every alternative, so you can be sure that you will have a house that after the painting task ends, will be adorable.


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6 Best wall paints for business spaces!

When we choose our career and what we will follow, we want to have the best conditions and to include the appropriate decoration in it is of paramount importance. I will show you the wall paints that are ideal for your profession according to the latest painting trends in the field.

From social professions to consulting and catering are some branches that we will see and learn what painting you need to choose to have a successful career, always according to the decoration of the space you have chosen.


Ideal wall paints according to the profession you have chosen!


1. Catering professions

In catering professions such as cafes and restaurants, the wall paint you choose usually has to do with the style of the store. In cafes they prefer wallpapers with a logo or design to emphasize a space, and move around dark and pale shades for a chic effect. In restaurants you can find the style of decoration that you will follow, but in the majority, the painting should be light and soft to make the customer feel calmer when ordering his food. Wood as a material, beige and sugar are shades and materials that are definitely a timeless choice for everyone.

2. Administrative professions

In the managerial professions, everything is not to choose many different wall paints, but to move with a few and well. Wood brown combined with white, beige and small notes of bright paints such as orange and red is perfect for such spaces where you want to show the prestige and modern mood.

3. Medical professions

In clinics, light shades are usually preferred that do not burden the patient’s climate and eye. If you are looking for a more modern decoration, choose light wenge furniture and combine it with white or gray decorations and wall paints. For a more classic decoration, beige and light blue are ideal for you.

4. Tourism professions

In a profession that has to do with a lot of people and tourism, a little wall paint for a happier style helps customers feel comfortable. Blue, petrol, light brown and wallpapers are ideal for you who want to create a comfortable and beautiful space.

5. Legal – Consulting professions

The law and consulting offices in Montclair are possessed by a more classic feel which in combination with the heavy furniture make the space look serious and special. Choose furniture in dark brown shades and dress them with modern decorations and books related to your work. The wall paints should be here as well, such as beige, gray, sugar, white, ocher.

6. Retail stores

In retail stores we want the items for sale to “talk” to us and not be lost in a plethora of wall paints and decorations. Choose the style of the store and choose one or two soft colors to paint it. Make sure that the lighting and the furniture shelves highlight your product and you are ready to “tear” the market.

When looking for the colors you will choose for your wall paints in the office or store, always take into account what you want to offer to your customers and what decoration you want the space to have. You do not need to exaggerate to have a modern and flawless workplace.


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